Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spring break?

Want to see what I've been doing with my "break"?

This is my living room wall... covered in many, many slips of paper in a grid like fashion. Sounds like fun hmm?

I'm in charge of the program for a national conference that's happening here in Southern California in June. I had "help" with organizing the sessions within the conference. Over the last two days though I've realized my help was a little less than helpful.

(Have I ever mentioned I have a few control issues? I don't delegate well. This time though, arrangements for delegation had been made before I took on the job. Well I have to say that once again I've been"taught" not to delegate. I hate that old saying, "If you want something done right, do it yourself.")

Hence, the grid. We've accepted over 170 different presentations for the conference and they all need to be scheduled into 14 different rooms over 11 time slots such that they are in the right kind of room (rows of chairs versus tables and chairs), with non-overlapping topics, with each person in only one room at a time (imagine that, we aren't going to ask people to be in two places at once), and scheduled knowing that some papers need to be scheduled in the large rooms we have whereas others will be presented in much smaller rooms.

My wall contains sheets of paper, each with the title and authors of each presentation. Yesterday was puzzle day. I'm pleased to report that I think I now have fixed all the problems and have a working schedule. Today I need to transcribe my "wall" into a typed list of sessions that can be put into the program.

So much for "break."

On the cute and furry front, we saw once of our babies again yesterday. He came out a little early, just before dusk and wandered around the yard looking for dinner.

Yeah, I know he can't live in the garage (eviction is scheduled for this weekend) but boy is he cute.


Karen said...

It looks like a scene from the movie "A Beautiful Mind". I'm impressed that you got it all organized and worked out - I think I would have been overwhelmed. Here's hoping you get a little relaxing time in before your break is through!

Jenean said...

Wow! What a feat! Glad you got it done, though :)
I've missed you! Hope to see you soon at one of our knitting jags. I'll be camping next week, but Erin and Kris will be at Panera's on Monday. Have a great week!