Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy and sad

See that little car... it's going on a very long drive. Yep S left this morning for South Bend, Indiana. It's going to be a great semester for him (happy) but we're going to miss him (sad).

Want to take a closer look?

1. Yep... you can barely see through that window can you? We managed to pack quite a bit of supplies into the prius... gotta love a hatchback!

2. The joke around here is that I couldn't go to Indiana because there wouldn't be room for me in the car. The ultimate proof ... see that passenger seat ... full, stacked to the ceiling with stuff. Nope I wouldn't have fit in that car. =]

3. At least he won't ride alone. Notice the Karl Marx finger puppet on the dashboard. Never go on a road trip without a good philosopher.

Lots of finished objects and trip pictures still to come. If I can just find time....


jillian said...

South Bend!?!? Oh my gosh. I went to IU South Bend for 3 years :) Wherever he's taking classes I hope he has a wonderful experience (and a warm coat)!

Anonymous said...

philosopher--jeez; Marx was the beginning of social theory...