Monday, August 25, 2008

So close

I find it amazing how time just keeps whizzing by whether I'm watching or not. How is it possible that it is almost the end of August? What happened to the first half of 2008?!

The last couple of weeks have seemed quiet ... but I'm not quite sure where they've gone. S is now settled into his apartment in South Bend. Cute little place from the photos he's sent. I'm looking forward to my visit in a couple of week so I can see it first hand.

His cross country trip went well; it sounds like he had lots of fun stops along the way (visiting his dad, grandparents, and our friend slo).

So what can I have been doing in the two weeks since he left? Beats me ... maybe time really is flexible and I've been through a worm hole. Work has been busy ... new student orientation, finishing up busy work .... stuff. I guess I was a bit sick for a couple of days too and took some half days off work so I could nap. But other than that? Not sure where time went.

I have been making some progress on S's sweater though.

What sweater you might ask? Well it would be a good question since you haven't seen it since April. When S realized he was moving to the land of cold, we agreed I'd knit him a wool sweater. Way back in April, after I finished the body of the sweater, it seemed like no harm, no foul to take a break and work on a few other things. Enter the black hole of the time continuum and here I am in August. It seemed like I should pick this project back up [snort]. My goal is to have it finished for my trip in two weeks... very do-able now that I've finished the right sleeve, neck, and half the left sleeve. I'm soooo close to being done!

Amazing what a few (ok... many) dedicated hours of knitting can do in making progress on a large men's sweater. I figure I have to get it done though... once he comes back to LA he may never wear it again [laugh]!

Other than a bit of knitting, I've also done a bit of organizing in the past week. You know what it's like ... your closet gets to that point where you can't find anything anymore? For me that's confounded by the fact that my yarn stash lives in my clothes closet. After S left I decided I needed to do a little cleaning up. And now look ...

It's not the most beautiful of organizational systems, but boy can I find everything now. Yarns bundled together in big ziplocks all tucked into their new home. No stray skeins lost somewhere on the floor of the closet. Perfect. And the clothes (which you can't see .. they're to the left and right on hanging rods and on a shelf above the caddies) ... all nice and tidy too. I now have a big stack of donations ready for goodwill as well as a smaller pile of acrylic yarns I'm going to donate as well.

Now I just need to find a bit more time to knit up some of that delightful stash!


turtlegirl76 said...

Lookin' good! Gotta love an organized stash.

The sweater is coming along! You'll be finished before you know it now.

Hilary said...

I'm very impressed by your stash organizing skills! Lovely. :)

The sweater looks awesome, too! Great color.

Lin said...

I like your organized stash, I just hide mine!