Friday, August 15, 2008

Trinity Stitch Baby Jacket

As I've mentioned before, we had a rash of friends who are having babies this spring/summer. One of those babies arrived months ago, one is so close to coming out that mom can't wait (3 cm and holding as of right now - wed afternoon), and the last is due later this month.

With one gift left to deliver, I knew I needed to get to knitting. This last gift goes to a classmate of S's and I realized four days before it had to be done that it *had* to be done or it wouldn't get delivered to the mom-to-be. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Yep a binge of a different type... a knitting binge.

The trinity stitch baby jacket. One of my friends from knitting group has knit this sweater twice now and inspired me to try it out. At my last group meeting (5 days before the impending deadline) I decided this was what I should knit and I purchased the yarn. I must have been a bit omnicient because the next day was when I realized I only had 4 days to deliver the gift. Good thing I bought that yarn!

I cast on Friday evening (8/1), knit part of the day Saturday (I had to work part of that day), knit all day Sunday, and finished it up Monday morning. Buttons were purchased and sewn on Monday night and a gift was ready for its new recipient.

I really like this sweater... very easy, but quite charming. The trinity stitch trim around the edges of the sweater are really great in my opinion. The yarn is also soft, soft, soft.

Pink... well not the color I would typically choose for a baby gift, even with a girl expected, but this was the nicest color they had at the shop and I think it does look great with this charming little sweater.

And to top it all off... look at these little buttons!

I figured that as long as I was going girly, I would go all out. Polka dotted, pink chicks. Delightful!

If you're looking for an easy little project, this one is a winner.

Cormo Trinity Stitch Baby Jacket by Margaret Heathman from
2 balls Plymouith Yarn Dreambaby D.K. (50% acrylic microfiber, 50% nylon
Pink (color 0103 lot 63435)
US 6 circulars and dpns
Cast on August 1, 2008
Finished August 4, 2008

Modifications: No changes to pattern; did use a store bought yarn versus handspun and used the size needles recommended by the ballband, US 6s. Overall, my sweater came out about the same size as the pattern recommends, but the sleeves are a little shorter and chunkier than the original knit and the body below the sleeves (versus the body above where the sleeves are separated) is a bit shorter than the pattern indicates. I thought this made the sweater a bit cuter in the long run anyway.

Ravelry details here.


Robin said...

The baby jacket turned out super cute!!! I'm sure it will be very appreciated.

tiennie said...

This is really cute!

Susan said...

OMG, what a gorgeous little sweather, baby kntting patterns are my thing. I browsed through the web site that was linked on your page, but couldn't find the pattern. would love to have it. Well done of you. Fast work. See what last minute can do for you?

Carrie said...

So cute! I love those buttons.

amanda said...

it's adorable - love the stitch pattern!