Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pure craziness!

See that big yellow box with the bazillions of little boxes on top of it. That's where I live. Well actually, 7 miles from where I live which is close enough.

I got back from North Dakota Monday night and Tuesday morning the state decided to welcome me back with some rock and roll, and I do mean that literally.

My office is on the second story of a mostly brick building and yesterday at 11:40am there was a terrific jolt and then continuous rolling... no joke, it felt like I was on a boat on a stormy sea... but I wasn't... the building shouldn't be moving you know!

I can now say I've experienced a real earthquake... you know what, I don't ever need to feel another one again!! [laugh]

We were fortunate that while fairly large (5.4 magnitude, we being 7 miles from the epicenter) it wasn't destructive. In fact, in the luxury of having no real calamities, the news was just plain silly to watch. Camera teams traveling all over the area looking for something, anything to put on film. One of the few things they found of note was some bricks that fell off an abandoned building here in Pomona. Even funnier, I drove by it (on accident, I hadn't realized exactly where it was) and there were, no joke, 6 news trucks parked in front of it this morning. It's good news to us that this silly pile of brick was the worst they could find!!

Updates on the pre-earthquake excitement, the trip to North Dakota, coming soon!


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't have liked it at my work, 31st floor in a downtown LA highrise. No fun! I have lived in SoCal all my life and been through all the big ones, I never get used to them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad everything was ok! I'm glad I live in a place where the ground doesn't tend to shake beneath me!

Lin said...

How scary!

tiennie said...

I'm glad you're OK!

Lola and Ava said...

I can't even imagine! Glad you're fine.