Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It happens every once in awhile, and hit hard this weekend ... a reading binge!

A couple of weeks ago I saw more than one post about the book Twilight. I thought with more than one mention it must be good so I went to my library catalogue and ordered up a copy through interlibrary loan. Friday afternoon (after S left for his trip remember) I stopped by the library to pick up my copy. Twilight was done by Saturday midday. I read it again before the end of Saturday and went by my local book store to get the rest of the series. Long story short ... Monday night I finished the fourth book. Yep, four books, four days (and technically I did read the first one twice so maybe that's like 5 books, and I did work Friday and Monday).

Crazy stuff. I blame being home by myself. =]

I would definitely recommend Twilight if you like teen age - vampire love story type of stuff. Nothing too heavy or too literary here, just an easy fun read. The other three books are also good. They are a bit more of an adventure story. After all, you can only drag on a "are the human and vampire going to kiss or not" story for so long.

Have you read anything good recently?

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