Thursday, August 14, 2008

North Dakota knitting... wool socks of course!

Yep... I know you never thought these would get finished (or that you'd hear about any knitting I've been doing recently), but taa daa... my third pair of finished socks!

When little Zinn, our foster kitty came to live with us, I needed a small project to work on ... you know something to do while I hung out in the kitchen with him. These socks seemed like the perfect project. Between a few evenings with Zinn and some quality knitting time on the plane to North Dakota, a second sock was finished!

I've seen many people rave about Trekking, and I will say that I like the finished socks alot (they are soft and squishy), but I didn't LOVE knitting with it. I found the yarn to be very twisty (meaning it would constantly twist back on itself as it came off the ball) and a bit splitty.

Nevertheless... a nice pair of finished socks I think. Nice subtle socks, a deep rich color.

Three pairs down ... I wonder what socks I'll do next?

Rotating Rib, Garter Rib Socks
Garter Rib Sock Pattern by Charlene Schurch from
Sensational Knitted Socks
1 ball of Zitron Trekking (XXL)
Color 77 (self striping blue)
US size 1 dpns

Cast on (in spirit) January, 2008
These socks have much more of a history than 7 months though. I know I cast on sometime in 2007, probably in July if I had to guess. I have a picture of the cast on with its 5 measily rows from October 2007. The first sock was started on in earnest in January though so that's the "birthdate" I'll use.
Finished July 31, 2008

Modifications: I used Charlene Schurch’s four stitch ribbing pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks and a rotating rib pattern (ala the Harlot): regular 2x2 ribbing, but moving the ribbing over one stitch every 10 rounds. This is a top-down sock pattern. I cast on 72 stitches with 9 stiches per inch gauge.

Ravelry details here.

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