Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trekking along

So I need to start today by raving a bit more about bloglines. Seriously folks... use a feed aggregator like bloglines to track new postings for your favorite blogs. What an amazing tool! So much more time to actually read what's new rather than just looking for new things.

So what have I been doing other than reading blog posts (well honestly not much... I feel so much free-er to add losts of blogs to my list now knowing I won't have to visit them unless there is something new to see)?

OK... I guess I have done a small bit of knitting. My trekking sock is through the heel turn and I'm now working on the gusset decreases. I like the color of this sock and the finished fabric feels pretty good. Quite honestly I'm not really sold on Trekking XXL though. I find that it's not well balanced (meaning that the yarn wants to curl back up on itself while I knit). This does not seem ideal to me. So far this hasn't been too big a deal though and I'm cruising right along on sock one.

Yeah I know the photo is a bit crazy, but how do you take a picture of a partially finished sock other than just laying it on the ground. My solution, stick a needle into the dirt so it stands up straight. Good idea ... bad idea... I'm not really sure which. [laugh]

My other activity... I've kept up my couch to 5K running program using Robert Ullrey's podcasts... yeah me! I decided to run one extra run in week one (in part to get Sterling up to speed so he can run with me and in part because I wasn't sure I was ready to run more). Yesterday I did my first run in the week two part of the program. Wow... that extra time in run mode did not treat me well. The good news is that my legs held up just fine... the bad new, my lungs, not so much. You know how you can get a stitch in your side when you run... sort of a cramp at the bottom of your lung. That's what I got about half way through the run.

It was a beautiful time for a run .. I came home from work a little early and managed to fit the run in between rain showers.

I'm proud of myself that I did make it through the whole run (although I did switch to walking about 20 seconds early during two of the segments). I even ran the whole last segment. And do you know what? Mother nature rewarded me for my efforts at the end, I think to encourage me not to give up, with a lovely rainbow.

I'll be back out there again tomorrow. I might go back to the week one podcast though. Or maybe if I'm really brave/crazy I'll try week two again!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you found Bloglines, it's pretty darned nifty. I have been using it for months, there is no way I could keep up with the dozens of blogs I read without it.