Monday, January 14, 2008


This weekend my mom, dad, and sister came for a visit -- sort of a late holiday visit since we didn't get together during December. We had a great time, hanging out, chatting, and doing a little site seeing.

One of the places we visited was the Getty Art Museum (in LA). S and I love the grounds of this place (probably even more than we like their art ... but don't tell people we said that). The museum is up on the top of a mountain and you can see all the way to the ocean on one side and toward home (for us) on the other. The photo above was a magnificient view of the mountains that are "ours." The San Gabriels are only a 15 minute drive for us from home (it's where I've taken all the photos previously) and they were putting on quite the show for LA -- we were proud.

We spent some time in the museum at the exhibits but spent more time outside. Gotta love the succulents.

S and I, of course, think that no trip to the west coast is complete without a visit to the ocean -- you have to admire mother nature's art you know -- so we had to do a bit of that as well. What a perfect day for it too!! Mid 70s, cool breeze, blue skies, brilliant sun.

This photo may give you a sense of just how bright it was ... the camera was just overwhealmed.

We decided to go to Venice to gawk at people. This is definitely a sight to see you know. The quintessential "people on roller blades zipping along the boardwalk while the tarot card and palm readers set up shop right next door" type of place.

It was really an amazing day.

There were many, many people out on the beach and just enjoying the out of doors. And there were almost as many little birds as well. I was excited to get the shot above.

I like this photo too because you can see the mist coming off the ocean. It always seems to be like that no matter how beautiful the day. It makes for a magical view (and it's nice to see the Santa Monica pier in the background too).

Hope everyone else had such a good weekend too. Enjoyed your company family... come to visit again soon!


The Kelly Green Rogue said...

great pictures!

Ellen Bloom said...

It was a perfect weekend to host guests in our fabulous SoCal! Looks like they had a marvelous visit.

Octopus Knits said...

What a wonderful weekend! I really enjoyed the photos.

Your Elizabeth Bennett cardigan is looking lovely : )