Thursday, January 10, 2008

El gato es hermoso.

Who couldn't love a face like this?

[Issac lounging on my stomach over the break]

And this face is even after S had already taken several shots... he was amazingly tolerant of the flash. He doesn't look quite as restful as he did in some of the earlier.. red eyed ... shots though.

Things around here are good but busy, but at least not the crazy busy, just steady busy.

Tuesday night I started spanish classes again (notice how I'm practicing already?). I also registered for a college Spanish 101 class. Wow... me in an undergrad class again -- that should be interesting. Hopefully this will be the trick to get me to buckle down and actually learn some things! I figure the fear of looking stupid and not passing quizzes and exams should be pretty good motivation.

On the knitting front I'm very, very close to finishing a sleeve on elizabeth. In fact, I've already finished it once. I should have taken a picture but didn't (darn). I thought I was making modifications to reduce the bell shape that I had read others talk about at the end of the sleeve. Turns out I didn't do enough so rip, rip, rip... I'm trying again. I have about 8 rows to go and we'll see if I've been successful this time. Wish me luck. Maybe we'll have pictures soon!

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Robin said...

El gato es muy hermoso! Love that kitty! I have often thought about trying to take a language again. I took Spanish in high school but my skills are quite rusty.