Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green apple mints?!

OK... this is ridiculous, but I couldn't help but buy one. Knitting Girl mint tins. I can't bring myself to try them yet though ... green apple mints. Sounds terrible doesn't it? Talk about a marketing ploy though. They sure know how to pull us in. I got this at Jo Ann's Fabrics and they had Sewing Girl, Knitting Girl, and (I think) the third was Scrapbooking Girl. Ridiculous way to hike up the price of mints. [laugh]

In other positive news, I ran Week 2 of my podcasts this morning and (yeah me!!) I got through the whole run successfully! No lung cramp, no side stitch ... ran the whole time I was supposed to run. It's hard for me to believe but I'm so happy with it. Yeah... day 3 of week 2 day after tomorrow!


amanda said...

Even more ridiculous? I've tried green apple mints and they're awesome! And, yay for week 2. Go you :)

Anonymous said...

The green apple mints are amazing! Have a friend who's son can't get enough of them. Try them, you'll like 'em.