Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reveling in Ravelry

Yes, it's true... after waiting a couple of months, I am now on Ravelry. I only spent about an hour online last night but I can definitely see how a site like this will be helpful. I've been thinking about knitting clapotis, but I'm just not sure what's so special about this knit. Bobbi's recent FO has made me rethink that though.

On ravelry, with one click, I can look at hundreds of pictures of finished clapoti. I can check out what yarns people have completed the pattern in and just check out what projects people have completed with a given yarn. Definitely a great resource. I'll probably be spending time over the weekend starting to get some of my projects online.

Other good news, I get to move offices this weekend. One of my colleages has left and, in doing so, has left open an office with a big window. Yeahhhh... I'm next on the list to get to move! S is going to help me move things over the weekend so by Monday I should be in my new digs. I'll take photos... have no fear.

And a third piece of good news, Fifi continues to progress well.

I am really enjoying this sweater. I've always said that cables gives you big bang for the buck and this sweater is definitely proof of that. I'm using the Rowan Calmer required by the pattern and love it so far. It provides great stitch definition and is soft and excellent to knit with. What great stuff! I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work on this between the Santa Monica Fiber Festival, Ravelry, and moving offices, but I'll keep everyone posted on the growth of my little circle.

p.s. Look for me on Ravelry as DoesLizKnit


Anonymous said...

How fun you're finally on Ravelry! I'm number 328, so I'm guessing I still have about 2 or 3 weeks to wait. I love your Fifi sweater too, and I have worked with Calmer in the past, it is very nice yarn.


Robin said...

Glad you're on Ravelry!! I'm RobinM on there and I just added you to my friend list. Love the color of your Fifi - my fave!