Monday, August 20, 2007


I'm please to announce that my big office move is now complete. All stacks of papers are neatly filed away (after sorting... no small job!) and all books are resting on newly moved bookshelves.

I think this will be a great environment to get quality work done.

A svelte S (who has lost 7 lbs... yeahhh S!) thinks so too

The best thing about this office... the view. You can't really tell from this photo but when you look between those trees, you can see the mountains. Come winter, when the leaves fall, the view will be even more spectacular.

I'm a contented office girl.

The other bonus about moving this weekend, we stumbled across a yard sale and picked up this beauty for a steal.

She fits perfectly in the living room and should provide hours of rocking enjoyment.

Our other big adventures this weekend (in addition to fiber related news previously shared) was another visit to the Viand and another movie (the Bourne Ultimatum this time... I know, 4 movies in a row, can you believe it?).

The Viand was, again, delicious. I don't have the menu in front of me, but 10 small items again, served over the course of an evening; all homemade from locally raised or produce items.

[edited later to add:]
gargonzola crostini
watermelon salad with rustica salata
summer roasted veggies
date and orange salad with pistachios
potato onion gratin
raddicio salad
sweet potato on pear
pan seared halloum with strawberry jam
vanilla ice cream with berry coulis
dessert on toast

Simply delicious.

Unfortunately the current hosts of the viand are moving so the group is going on a short hiatus. I'm hoping they will find another location (we are too far away to host). If not, we may really have to seriously think about doing something here ourselves. It's good to see just how wonderful homemade, local food can be and to savor each item.

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