Friday, August 10, 2007

Another week gone

The end of another week... Friday almost gone. It's been a reasonably good week. Definitely has ended with a good day.

This afternoon I saw the movie Stardust. Have you seen it yet? You should.

I left work a bit early today so I could catch a matinee showing and it was very good fun.

Beautiful scenery... good acting... very funny lines.

Michelle Pfeiffer was excellent in it as were Robert De Niro, Charlie Cox, and Claire Danes. Very entertaining -- laugh out loud funny in several parts. All and all, a great way to spend a couple of hours.

For those of you who haven't heard much about this movie yet, here's my brief synopsis. Yvaine (Danes) is a star (yep the kind in the evening sky) who has fallen to earth. Lamia (Pfeiffer) is a witch who wants to capture Yvaine and eat her heart in order to return her (Lamia's) youth and beauty. Tristan (Cox) is an English lad (not from the enchanted world) who crossed over into Stormhold to find the fallen star to impress a local girl. He of course becomes the hero to Yvaine and is helped along the way by a lightening pirate (he steals lightening to sell on the black market), Captain Shakespear (De Niro). Fun and frivolity (as well as some darker spots too) ensue.

Check out the trailer to get a taste, or even better watch the trailer and other images at the film's official web site... pretty impressive.

Today also saw a temporary end to my knitting on the capelet.

(Taking this photo of myself gave me a much better appreciation of the talent those of you who take your own photos have... how do you do it?!)

The capelet is coming along just fine. I've divided for the sleeves and body but unfortunately have run out of yarn. I'll have to wait a few days for reinforcements before I can start again and finish this project up. Good news is it does fit so far.

And last, over the last 2-3 days I have become obsessed with the idea of learning how to spin. I think it started with the general approach that I want to have for life which is being sustainable. Now hang with me here, this is going to be a stretch. Being sustainable means purchasing materials close by that are less industrial, less processed (minimizing the massive shipping and production aspect of waste). So I think to myself, I should try to purchase locally grown and processed yarn. Then I think, well maybe I should go even further back than that, I should find locally grown wools and spin them myself. Well you get the drift here.

I've been searching the web for info on spinning and have decided I really want to take a class to learn. The Fiber Fest in Santa Monica (which I will be visiting for sure!) has some spinning lessons next weekend, but I'm afraid they may be too advanced for me. The instructor appears to be quite well known so I suspect it will be advanced spinners wanting to work with her. After looking around a bit more there do appear to be lessons later this month at A Mano Yarn in Venice. I think perhaps that what I'll shoot for.

Doesn't spinning sound like another fun hobby? Of course, that just means more equipment and supplies. That's not very sustainable. I'll have to be careful. With inspiration all over the web, people spinning everywhere (see examples just in the last couple of days from Kate and YarnPirate), it's hard to resist though.

I hope it's not like throwing pottery. That I had no talent for (grin)!

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