Monday, July 09, 2007

Sweater mania

Later this month S and I are going on a trip to visit friends and we'll be meeting the newest member of our friend-circle (although it's hard to believe he's over 7 months old now!). In honor of this auspicious occassion, I felt the need to cast on for a gift.

After the slow progress I've been making on my own sweater projects recently, I decided I should start a small project and decided on Bubby from

After only one full day of knitting... amazing ... a finished object. But somehow poor Bubby just didn't look finished and I thought to myself "Bubby needs clothes." Last week I sprung for the discounted copy of Knit 2 Together and I remembered seeing the cute mice in that book. With a few alterations to the vassar sweater, Bubby has clothes!!

I can't tell you how cute I think this little guy turned out. The sweater definitely makes the bear! After my heady success I couldn't stop so I cast on for another sweater ...

... now my Ikea human figure won't catch cold. (Of course now I'm tempted to knit him a kilt so he doesn't look indecent).

And look... they practically look like brothers!

Bubby from
sweaters are improvised based on inspiration from Vassar sweater (p. 72) of Knit 2 Together
just bits of Red Heart Soft Yarn in 9114 Honey and 1882 Toast
US size 3 dpns for bubby, US size 4 dpns for sweaters
cast on July 7, 2007
finished July 8, 2007

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Beth said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad you can see it now. I love these little bears, and the sweaters are too darned cute! I will be at the SNB next Tuesday, maybe I'll see you there.