Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another start

Tuesday evening was my local SnB and I continued with my mindless stockinette stich as I worked on the foot of my second sock. It will get done, have no fear, but in the meantime I've cast on another project. This is an anthropologie style capelet designed by Julsey.

It's a simple raglan style, knit from the top down, sweater and I think will whip up fairly easily. I'm using KnitPicks Sierra (70% wool, 30% superfine alpaca) which is a chunky weight yarn. Chunky goooooooooood.

S and I will be offline for the next week... yes we are taking a bit of a vacation. I'll save up pictures and have fun stuff to share when we get back. I'll be taking lots of yarn with me too so hopefully I'll have some finished projects as well!

Of course it's going to be hard to leave the boys behind... I mean look at these cuties!

Issac is pondering giving up his litter box and Dylan just thinks the sink might be a better source of clean water than the bowls in the kitchen. Sterling also won't be happy we're leaving him with a house sitter. I suspect we'll see some sitting in the window and barking as we drive away. So sad! =[

Nevertheless, vacation calls. Wonder if I'll be able to find some yarn shops?
Happy knitting everyone and talk to you again soon.

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Koko said...

I've been interested in the capelet for a long time so, I want to watch your progress pleasantly..oh, you probably will finish it before leaving for a vacation.

Sad cats...

Have a nice time on your vacation!