Saturday, July 21, 2007

The beginning

The vacation has begun. Of course our first whole day was spent in a plane or airport... but hey... it's vacation!

We left for LAX at around 8:30 am yesterday, sock in tow.

Plane riding makes for good knitting time.

In fact there was lots of knitting time. Our first flight was late by about 30-45 minutes. The second flight... Well see for yourself.

Here's the sock after 2 hours of delay...

Here's S making our friend Stacy very proud (gotta love them wipes).

Here were are 3 hours after our scheduled flight time.

I'm please to say that we did make it to Portland at about 1am... just a little too late to go buy Harry Potter, but after considerable sock progress.

More updates of the trip as internet access and time permits!

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