Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Meet Liz

Looks like I'm a character from a science fiction film, hmm? Laugh... well almost.

Months ago I found instructions for making a dressform from duct tape and newspaper and today I talked S into helping me make one.

[There's a great pictorial at
and another picture of a finished object on Canary Knit's blog].

You basically start by putting on a tshirt you are willing to sacrifice and then completely wrapping yourself in duct tape. This was fun -- I kept taking giant breaths to make sure that S didn't suffocate me by making me a mummy before my time.

Wow... it's almost like wearing a corset!

After you are all taped up, you literally cut the tshirt and tape off of your body (we made one long cut down my spine), then tape it back up and stuff it with newspaper.

There she is... a finished Liz! We put a hanger with a swivel hook into the form as we stuffed it so she can hang as well as sit.

It was a fun experiment. We'll see how much use I get out of her. I may need to shorten the arms in the future. I put my picovoli onto her (sleeveless) and that worked fine, but I think anything with sleeves might be hard to manage.

On the knitting front, I've also used by official day off work to continue on my shrug and I've also put a few more inches on my toe up sock.

I'm getting much more of a feel for why people knit so many socks this time. Talk about mindless knitting. Nice!


Adrienne said...

wow, that is VERY neat!

Anonymous said...

What a clever idea! I have been whining and carrying on that I want a dress form really bad, but they are so darned expensive. !

CanarySanctuary said...

Wow, yours turned out very good! I've been playing with the idea of making another. They're so useful!