Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The wilderness in LA

Monday afternoon, S and I took a little drive up into the residential areas (the new developments) in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. We mostly stayed in the Claremont area. We've seen these homes from a distance and snubbed the McMansions. Monday we thought it would be fun to point-and-laugh from up close. So off we went in our little Prius to see the sights.

You know what the best thing we saw was? This little guy...

Yep.. a coyote hanging out in a parking lot right in the middle of a residential development. He looks quite plump... I wonder if some neighborhood pets have given up their lives here.
(By the way, we did point-and-laugh quite a bit, both at the ridiculous house sizes but also at the fact that these homes are right in the fire belt -- I'm sure you've heard a bit about California wildfires?).

I'll also share a beautiful visual from yesterday morning.

Moonrise from my kitchen window. There was more color from the sun rise than this photo captures (just over the rooftops) and I was hoping to capture both. I've settled for the bright moon though.

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Carol said...

You give the best tours! I love seeing the sights of the west coast! Great capture of the moon too! I have a project slated for that Tarzhay-Rock n Weave socks from Blue Moon Fiber Arts! They'll my 1st pair of real socks.