Sunday, January 14, 2007

Life in the slow lane

This week has been pleasantly quiet. I, unfortunately, have no knitting content to share with you though. Haven't done any knitting or swatching for days now.

I have been accumulating miles for the Runagogo (18.8 so far this year). This should come as no suprise to anyone who knows my motivation.

This is his picture in the morning before we go for a walk.

The pout gets larger and larger the later the morning gets. Usually at some point, he throws himself in front of the door as if to say "you're not getting out of the house without me!"

I think the fact that we walked 4 miles in the last 2 days is particularly noteworthy given the cold weather outside. Yes, here in Southern California we have had freezes two nights in a row. (Take a gander at Crazy Aunt Pearl's take on this). We actually lost a number of plants last night. Chillllly!

Hope everyone is bundled up where ever they are!

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Carol said...

Just in case you forget to take him with you...stay warm! I've been reading about the weather over there and brrrr!