Sunday, January 21, 2007

My first sock! (or is it?)

Taaaa daaaa....

My first finished object for 2007 and my first sock!

One of my goals for this year was to start knitting more clothing. Not just accessories, but actual utilitarian clothing (sweaters, socks, that sort of thing). I've also so wanted to be part of the sock-knitters club. All this talk of STR and Lorna's Laces and the Monkey Sock and Jaywalker Socks... well you get the idea. I wanted to knit socks.

This is the first thing for me to knit where gauge has actually been a legitimate issue. After all, no one wants to wear a sock that's too small or too large right? I was a good girl, swatched up, and even tried on once during the process just to see how things were progressing.

I have to say though that throughout the process, my utter joy at knitting my first sock was somehow shadowed, followed by a dark cloud, tempered by a sense of deja vu...

I decided that for my first sock, I'd follow the accolades of Franklin and use the broken rib pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. I found the introductory materials in this book very helpful. It's great to know the difference between a heel flap, heel turn, and gusset before you start, ya know?

With pattern selected and gauge calculated, I cast on and off we went, my sock and I.

The leg sailed along... I've done knitting in the round lots of times, finished Fetching last year, and of course the leg of my christmas stocking mechanically was the same... see:

Everything felt understandably familiar here. Nothing new... done before right. So then it was the time for the true skill, the part that truely must fit the foot. This is where it would all be different. This is where the true sock experience would exist!

The heel flap was fun and of course the heel turn was joyous! But my joy, she was tempered by that dark cloud of doubt. This feels so familiar. Why isn't this new?

Well yes, I did have that joy at turning the heel once before, but that was a stocking right... something not meant to fit the foot... just a big sack for gifts, right?

Undeterred, off I went to pick up stitches and begin the gusset. Now this was a bit more challenging. I am now working on what still feels a bit like toothpicks and the stitches, correspondingly small.

Last time, it was super chunky yarn and size 13 needles.

Shouldn't this be really different though? I shook off those self-doubting thoughts and knit, and knit, and knit.

Ah the glee when I reached the toe decreases and tried the sock on for size. The snug fit, the contours that cling to the foot. Ah the beauty!

Wrapped things up with the kitchener stich at the end (hmm... haven't I done this before too?)... and she was done!

Ahhh the satisfaction.
But... is it really my first sock?

Well I guess you can't really wear a christmas stocking.

Garter Rib Sock
from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks
(pattern as recommended except K2P2 used over foot, garter stitch border of heel flap doubled in width)
Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, color 6946, lot 3232 (100% acrylic; less than one ball)
US size 1 (2.25 mm) metal dpn needles
started January 1, 2007
finished January 20, 2007


knitguyla said...

Liz, congrats on the sock, I say let it be the first sock. That first turn is truly remarkable when it happens and you're filled with doubt and then all of a sudden you utter what every knitter says when they turn their first heel: "How'd that do that?"

Enjoy them, they're a great color combo!

Beth said...

Very nice job on your "first" sock! They can become addictive once you get to making them. I have made quite of few of them myself, but I use the two circular needles method, I still haven't mastered how to use DPN's. Better cast on that second sock right away so as to avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome!

Carol said...

Congrats Liz!!!Beautiful job on that sock. Isn't Charlene an angel? She's the one who taught me too. I'm curious to see by year's end how many more there will be. Nicely done Liz!

Jenean said...

How cool it that??! Congrats, girl!

Knitting Bandit said...

Sweet sock! Welcome to the club! I am a new sock knitter and absolutely addicted, much o the dismay of all the sweater yan in my stash. Wait 'til you start wearing them! It's so much fun to look down and see all that yarny goodness!

The Purloined Letter said...

Thanks for allowing me to post this on Yarnival!