Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whole lotta shaking goin' on

Coincidence must mean something. I'm pretty convinced of it.

This past weekend in Joshua Tree, we learned quite a bit about plate movements, earthquakes, and teutonic plates in general. S and I talked about how few earthquakes we've felt since we moved to California a year and a half ago (until last night, 1 felt earthquake in 18 month).

I thought that California had earthquakes all the time. Not big, super duper, shake everything apart earthquakes. But I thought that I'd feel little tiny quakes at least once every couple of months. I was apparently very misinformed (or just a bit crazy).

Then last night, while reading blogs...

See that little blue square just to the right of the center of that image... that was it. A little old 2.9 quake centered about 15 miles from here. It was clear we felt it, just one sudden jolt and then it was done. Felt like God just smaked her hand down on the world and we thumped for a split second.

It's silly how excited I get about a little quake... if I were smart I'd have more fear I think. On the other hand, I figure small quakes are good. It's really the worst when all that stress builds up and releases at once right? Well that's my rationale at least.

In knitting news, my socks are just sitting around collecting dust, but I have been searching for patterns and swatching for S's scarf. We have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 choices.

I think S is leaning toward a cabled scarf and I was considering MimKnits cabled version. Last night I saw the cabled scarf that Beth has been knitting and am now considering the Persephone scarf too. My only concern is that the cable pattern may just get lost in the inky black Manos del Urguay yarn. I'll have to do a bit and take a look.

Our second option is the newish scarf pattern the Yarn Harlot posted, the one row handspun scarf. I've swatched this and it's fine, but fairly plain with the solid black yarn.

Third choice, the most simple, a 2x2 ribbing scarf. This would obviously be easy and we know what it will look like.

I'll do a bit of each and let the S decide his preference. At least we are ruling things out (no garter stich, no stockinette stich).


Beth said...

I'm a native Southern Californian, and the last big one I think I remember was the Northridge quake back in what, 1994? I was living in Glendale then, not too far from the epicenter, let me tell ya, that was an earthquake! I couldn't stand up, it kept knocking me down. Amazingly, the only thing damaged in my house was one little glass bowl that broke.

I think you should do something simple on your scarf if it's black and you can't see the pattern. I have a ton of pattern books. If you're going to be at the next Knotty Knitters meeting, I can bring them, let me know.


knitguyla said...

Liz, you may want to check out the scarf that is in brooklyntweed's current post.

If you like Yarn Harlot's design I think you'll really like this one. Joseph

Erin said...

And I missed it! I keep experiencing earthquakes without actually experiencing them.

However, I'm not asking for one so big that I can't miss it!

Carol said...

Kinda scary, but if you live in fear of a quake, well that just wouldn't be healthy, would it? Mother Nature is an awesome force for sure. I for one feel that bit of adrenaline at the sight of intense nature. Best of luck on the scarf project, the choices!