Saturday, November 18, 2006

The windy city

On Thursday I got into this

left sunny, warm southern California, and flew here

Yep, I’m in Chicago, the windy, and very cold, city. It is funny when I remember (and was rudely reminded by this trip I should note) that it is winter in most parts of this country. They are even putting up holiday decorations here, and I don’t mean thanksgiving! Poor thanksgiving, it really is getting squeezed out between Halloween and Christmas.

I’m in Chicago only through the weekend for another professional conference. I keep finding myself laughing over the contrast between here and home. For example, I submit the view from my hotel window.

I’d like to contrast this with the view from my window in Hollywood.

Some difference hmm? [laugh]

Of course, to be fair, I should point out that if I learn far over and turn my head a bit, I can see a bit of the park off Michigan Avenue from the window. Want to see?

That’s even funnier isn’t it? Well, I’m not here for the views or the weather so I won’t complain, I’ll only laugh.

The trip has given me some opportunity to knit. Nothing like being trapped on a plane to provide quality knitting time. Here, take a look at what it looks like to knit in coach.

Just being in Chicago, I feel connected to other knitters too. All this cold weather reminds me of why most people knit with wool… and there is a lot of wool evident here [grin].

Until next time, I’ll be finding moments to knit some more.


Carol said...

Hi Liz! Hope you're keeping warm up there! What's that you're knitting? Looks gorgeous! This time of year indeed we can say, glad we live in the south!

Kate A. said...

Ha - loved those "views" of chicago. I had frighteningly similar views from my various windows in various apartments when I lived there. It feels even more oppressive, trust me, when you live there year-round. Sure, the lakeshore is spectacular in sunlight - but how often does anyone see that??