Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hollywood here I come

We have company this weekend!

Half of the company arrived Friday evening and the second half we picked up at LAX Saturday morning.

Our first stop, Venice Beach for a delicious vegan breakfast at Figtree's Cafe. Of course we had to walk on the beach... who comes to Southern California and doesn't walk on the beach.

Look at these adorable feet prints.

It was a great day... a bit foggy and cool early, turning into a bright blue sky later in the day.

You might be able to see that both I and my friend in the picture above are wearing orchid leis. The second friend visiting flew in from Honolulu and brought bounty with her (many thanks!).

Of course, no trip to Venice would be complete without a trip to the canals.

Did you know that we had a Venice with canals and gondalas in Southern California?

Then we made our way over to Santa Monica for more exploring. More vegan dining, Real Food Daily this time. We met up with other friends and ended up with a dining experience rather than lunch.

After lunch we wandered over to Third Street Promenade, and guess what we found there?

Only in Southern California right? It's too bad I didn't get a very good piture of Obi Wan, but at least you can see the captive Lea here.


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Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Excellent! I love storm troopers. A few years ago I was bouncing around all dressed up as a fairy and ran into a stormtrooper on Hwood blvd. A friend snapped a candid as we were talking, it's one of my very favorite pictures ever.

"No, this is not the fairy you're looking for."

"You're not the fairy I'm looking for."