Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Yes... that's two-hundred-seventy-five... that's how many tricker-treaters came to our door last night!

Last year was our first year in this neighborhood and we were completely unprepared. No one mentioned to us that kids come into the neighborhood from all over for halloween. We ran out of candy way too early and had to turn our lights out in shame. Not this year. I'm proud to say we ended the night with a bit of candy left over!

The kids were sweet and our dog and cats entertaining. I sat outside the front door and the three of them sat right inside the screen door and watched the parade.

Other excitement yesterday, I did a little trick-or-treating myself. I cast my vote in absentee. (I'll be out of town next Tuesday and didn't want to miss the chance to change the world... at least I'm hoping some things will change). The bad news is that it was touchscreen. The good news, the computer printed a receipt of my vote that I actually got to see. A paper trail... yeah!!

Knitting is continuing, slowly. The blue cable project is coming along. Swallowtail, well, I have a few more rows now finished. I've actually worked on swallowtail quite a bit. I keep making mistakes and having to rip back. At this point, I think I've knit and ripped out more than I've knit and been able to keep (sigh). It will be beautiful. I am going to continue. I really respect those knitters who whip through lace!

Enjoy your wednesday!

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