Saturday, November 25, 2006

Good news Saturday!

Issac is back home with us today actually looking much better, if not a bit balder, after his trip to the kitty hospital. We are relieved that he's feeling more energetic and glad to have his company again.


Yesterday was another quiet, just around the house, day. I finally finished up the orange twisted drop stich scarf. I found the pattern on Kis*Knit's blog.

Here's a close up of the twisted drop stich. Very, very quick and easy.

Twisted Drop Stich scarf
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick
Pumpkin 133
US size 11 (8mm) plastic straight needles
started November 11, 2006
finished November 24, 2006

The rest of my day, and in fact much of my other knitting time recently, has been going into a Knitty Gritty project. I'm going to be an Knitster in an episode to tape in December and have been working slowly but surely on my project. Here's a small detail. I think it will be very nice.

Yep, that's another lace pattern with laceweight yarn. Meanwhile, poor swallowtail is languishing in a bag. One day perhaps she'll see the light of day again. Homework calls for now though!


Kessa said...

The new lace project looks really pretty. The twisted stitch scarf is funky~ Kinda reminds me of halloweeb, =D Glad that your kitty is recovering.

Holly Burnham said...

I love that lace....I can see adding it to the cuffs of a black sweater.....superb!

Carol said...

Cool! Do you know who who's on with you? Please let us know when your show will air!