Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stich n B*tch

Yesterday I went to my first ever Stich n B*tch meeting!

The Covina Knotty Knitters have just started meeting and it was great fun!

I've wanted to go to a snb for quite some time but most of them are far-far away out in LA proper (not out here in the hinterlands). Finding this new group was a great suprise. We were a small but dedicated group and I learned all kinds of good stuff about stores around the area and classes. I really want to take a sock class and now I have a couple of leads.

The locale of our meeting was also great, Knitwitz. Super friendly staff and a good selection of yarn. I couldn't leave the store without purchasing a few things.

Another bonus, one of the requests for the evening was to bring a holiday pattern to share. I went online last night for the meeting and found a great cabled stocking pattern on the Pickin' and Throwin' blog.

Last year I looked for cool patterns and could find nothing. I'm very excited to have found this one.

The snb also gave me a couple hours of knitting time. Realizing that my ability to talk to newly met friends and count at the same time would be limited, I cast on for another baby hat.

Good progress was made.

So all and all, a very successful evening. Now I only have to wait a month for the next meeting!


Laura said...

Thank you for your kind comment on the Pickin and Throwin blog! It made my day! I look forward to seeing what you're knitting!

Kessa said...

Sounds like fun. =) The texture of the baby hat looks interesting. Did you use a 'chenille' yarn?

Carol said...

It's nice to have to a group to knit with. I don't what I'd do without Monday night get togethers!
Your hat looks so soft & squishy!

LizKnits said...

thanks for your comments you guys... the yarn is Plymouth Heaven and it is deliciously squishy. It's also all nylon which I think it good for a baby gift... wash and wear!

Ellen Bloom said...

AHHHH...Stitch 'n favorite night of the week. I attend the West Hollywood SnB at the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax. We're lucky to meet every single Thursday night (except Thanksgiving, of course). It's like a lovely therapy group for me. Also, I get to find out what everyone else is knitting and crocheting. We work out all sorts of problems in this group...yarn-related and otherwise. Enjoy your SnB group, Liz.

Ellen B.
WeHo SnB