Monday, December 10, 2007

Rest, snow, and knitting

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered... alot of nothing. We had quite a bit of down time, recuperating time.

Sigh... gotta love the down time. And after last week, this is what my soul needed.

Speaking of souls... have you gone to see The Golden Compass yet? You should. We saw it Saturday and I really enjoyed it. Now I haven't read all the books so I'm not sure what the experience will be for a book lover, but for the novice, very enjoyable. We did buy the books Saturday night and have started reading. The books do seem different than the movie... but you should see it, really.

Sunday morning on our walk, we noticed that there was alot of snow up on Mount Baldy.

[this is the view from over the rooftops across the street from us]

This is the kind of snow I love... the kind you can see when you have blue skies and 60+ degrees. Since it was a nice day, we decided to take a drive. Little did we know that thousands of other Los Angeleans had exactly the same idea! We got up to the community of Mount Baldy, saw snow (and even some flurries being whipped off the mountains by the wind) and then were surrounded by crazy traffic. Sensing impending danger (laugh) we turned around and went back down. A nice drive, saw the snow, but didn't really get as far as the serious snow blanketing.

I love L.A.

And the other nice thing about this weekend, I finally got back to a little knitting. Friday night I cast on for Shedir.

I'm enjoying this pattern and she is working up reasonably fast given the amount of cabling it has. The acrylic yarn still seems soft even knitted up and I think will work out well.

Yeah for the weekend. Now if I can just get through another week to another weekend!

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Lisa said...

I just finished a (modified) Shedir, very fast and satisfying. The cabling detail makes it look much more difficult than it'll love it!