Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Clapotis... number 2666?!

There is nothing like a few days off work to make a little knitting progress!

As you may remember, I purchased yarn in Maine, during our summer vacaction, from an alpaca farm and spent some time trying to decide what to do with it. After a bit of swatching I decided on clapotis. Now I'm hardly the first to knit up this pattern. And in fact, I'm the 2666th finished clapotis on Ravelry. So much for originality hmm?

I am very happy with the finished project though. The yarn is fabulous -- soft and warm. The pattern a great compliment for it -- clapotis is by design quite snuggly and provides a great cover up for the chill.

I'm not sure that I'll join the crowd of people knitting lots of these, but I will enjoy this FO quite a bit.

Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
5 balls of 100% alpaca, Light Worsted Wt (2 oz/ 110 yds), spun in Waldoboro, from Village Farm Alpacas
Color: Fawn Like Rainey
US size 8 circulars
cast on September 16, 2007
finished (after lots of breaks) December 25, 2007

Modifications: Pattern knit as written, except knit as a longer, narrower stole (instructions for the modification are in the pattern). This was done to use the quantity of yarn available from my trip. Final size 76" long and 12" wide (with just a smidge of yarn left over!).

I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough yarn to make the pattern's 21" x 55" size. I of course kept second guessing myself, but decided to just be safe and do long and narrow so that I could end when I started to run out of yarn. Now that I'm finished, I see this was a good choice. I would have been about 1/2 a ball of yarn short if I had done the original size. Yeah for a disaster averted!


Bobbi said...

It's lovely!

Miss T said...

Beautiful! I actually like your long, narrow version better than most of the larger ones I've seen.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Gorgeous! I went for long and narrow when I did mine, too. I kind of like it better that way.