Thursday, December 27, 2007

And another thing ...

Yes... it is amazing, but I have another FO to share.

I've had this at the office and would add a little to it on Monday nights when I had a break between my two classes. I finished it up on christmas day along with clapotis.

This is the yarn that I picked up to try for urchin. You'll remember that that didn't go so well (laugh). This is a much better use of the yarn. The thick and thins make for an interesting garter stitch look and with large needles, this didn't really take much time to do.

Ah the joys of getting back to a calm, relaxed life.

Garter stitch scarf
2 balls of Bernat Max (100% acrylic)
Color: white
US size 15 circulars
cast on October 29, 2007
finished (with very small amounts of work at at time) December 25, 2007

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