Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally.... a FO

Wow, it's been a long time since last I posted! Life, as you might guess, has not gotten any quieter and work has not gotten any better. I've been trying to think of ways to just disappear from work and not get in trouble. My to-do list there seems to grow at twice the speed of light and my ability to cross anything off the list as done... not happening!

Nevertheless, in a shameless attempt to save my sanity, I did a little gift knitting this weekend and managed to finish up Shedir. I'm pleased to say this was wrapped up and delivered to its recipient today. A great little knit... a little attention grabbing while you go but lots of bang in the finished project.

[the front view]

[my favorite view... maybe because you can't see much of me, mostly the hat... =] ]

[the back view]

[I think the crown also turned out quite lovely]

[I also like turning up the brim just a bit... fun}

Shedir by Jenna Wilson
less than 1 ball of Dark Horse Yarns Fantasy
50% Nylon, 50% acrylic
color 07, lot 2140 (purple)
US 3 circular and dpns
started December 7, 2007
finished December 16, 2007

Modifications: skipped rows 37-52 of the pattern and went right from 36 to 53.
Final hat: 8 1/2 " diameter; 8 inches from brim to top of crown ... a perfect fit!
The yarn... my first time to use it... was really great. As a 100% man made fiber, it was really nice. Very soft, held together well for the knit. I think it will be good for the recipient since she has lost her hair to chemo and I wanted a yarn that would be very soft and wouldn't have any itch potential.


Bobbi said...

the hat looks great! lovely color.

Sorry things are still going so poorly at work :(

Veronika said...

I like the beannie. Great pattern. Was nice meeting you last night at KnitWitz

del said...

Love that hat! And I really like the turned-up brim look. Great job.