Friday, December 07, 2007

Finally ...

I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen again, but I picked up needles and yarn and managed to knit a bit yesterday.

Last night was our SnB meeting and, happy happy, we met at Knitwitz... my favorite LYS in this area. The store was having a holiday sale, 20% off everything -- an extra lure to go to the meetup. Armed with a list of desired products, my clapotis and I took a drive.

I'm pleased to say that progress was made both on clapotis and on the shopping needs.

(cascade 220 for a future sweater, lambs pride bulky for another neckwarmer, some acrylic for a chemo cap for a friend's mother... and best, interweave's holiday issue.. yeah!)

I'm not sure my life is ever going to get better!! OK... maybe that's a bit extreme. Unfortunately, I know that the next two weeks won't be any better at work. Work is no fun! I need to make time for life outside my job... but boy does that feel hard right now.

Thank goodness I have knitting to escape to at least for short periods of time (if I can just remember to knit instead of just stressing).


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