Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Last night was one of our SnB meetings. I was a irresponsible student and skipped my Spanish class (bad me) so I could go hang with the knitters.

Bad me, good knitting!

Erin graciously agreed to give a workshop on sock knitting... complete with the obligitory foot measurement demonstration of course!

Erin is an excellent foot measurement demonstrator! (sorry the pic is blurry... I *had* to post it nevertheless)

Jenean and Lydia cast on their swatches to get their gauge and next time we meet at Knitwitz we'll all be casting on the sock together. Erin is going to show us how to do the socks toe-up and I'm excited to try this approach as well.

Speaking of socks... my second sock is coming along quite well. A few more dedicated hours and we should be wearable! Keep you posted!

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Jenean said...

Yes, I need to pick up that swatch and keep on knitting is what I need to do. Especially after all my complaining LOL