Saturday, February 24, 2007

A funny thing happened....

So a funny thing happened the other night at dinner. S wore his new black scarf out (not for the first time either; it's good too see him enjoying it). In the house getting ready, and on the drive over, he kept making "comments" about how long the scarf was and about how it was good that I didn't knit it any longer.

As we left the restaurant he started saying the same things again and I said, "it's only 6 foot long, how could it be too long?" He mumbled a few contrite things and I said "hold that scarf up" (thinking to myself, we'll use the 6 foot tall S as a measuring stick).

Darn if that black scarf hasn't already stretched to 8 foot long after its bath! It's the miracle of wool I guess.

With other news on the knitting front, I have selected my next new project. I'm going to start my first sweater! I've decided to do a sleeveless, summer sweater as my first. I think it's best if I start with something not too complicated. Picovoli is the pattern by Grumparina. I purchased a bit of yarn at the SnB earlier this week and am in the process of swatching.

This is a cotton, silk blend and while I was a good knitter and actually swatched in the round to get true gauge, you can see my stitch definition leaves something to be desired. (That lovely line where I transitioned from one needle to another is quite attractive isn't it?) This first swatch has been washed and I'm going to go up one needles size to see if I can get a bit closer to gauge. If that works, then back to the store for the purchase!

I'll keep you posted.

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Jenean said...

Oh, the deadly swatch! I actually swatched this week, too!