Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This past week I flew up to Indiana to visit S at his new diggs in South Bend. We did the tour of Notre Dame (that's the Basillica above) and even carved out some time to relax and take it slow ...

OK... we weren't the ones taking it that slow, but we did spend a time out in Amish country and got to see lots of folks travelling the old fashioned way, by horse and buggy. Beautiful countryside out there in Indiana. Great old barns and houses.

After a few days in South Bend we got in our little Prius and drove to Columbus, Ohio to visit S's mother. Our trip was quite nice, but ended with a bit of a bang.

My parents live in Beaumont, Texas -- that's where Ike just came ashore. They evaculated to avoid the storm and from what the neighbors say, the house didn't sustain any serious damage this time (unlike Rita when it took 6 months to repair tree damage). S and I were watching the storm news there in Columbus to keep an eye on things. Little did we know we were in for our own hurricane-like weater.

Yep, half way across the country in Columbus we experienced hurricane strength winds in a bit of a freak wind storm. Partly related to Ike and partly related to a cold front that was blowing in, the winds were crazy. Trees came down all over town and I saw three trees pulled out of the ground with exposed roots. Nothing like a bit of excitement. Needless to say my flight was cancelled (the whole airport was grounded for hours), so I had an extra day of trip.

That last day of trip was spent doing what else but cutting up trees. Nothing like a little he-man business for the boys hmm?

A great trip, despite the excitement!

Next time, finish photos of S's sweater which, I'm pleased to report, fits!


Hilary said...

Eek! I'm glad everyone is ok!

tiennie said...

Glad you had fun and that everyone is well! I've never been there.

Macoco said...

Bonus vacation time is great - but it's just a shame that so many trees took a hit!