Sunday, March 02, 2008

Knitting for winter

The trip to Bethesda went well this weekend. It was fun to go back to a bit of winter and, more importantly, to come back to warm weather.

I'll tell you about the trip another post, but wanted to show you what I was up to before I left. A veritable hat knitting party!

One of the students who has been working with me on her dissertation (hey Em!) just matched with an internship in Minneapolis. I don't think anyone should move to such a cold destination without an appropriate winter wardrobe.

And where best to start such a wardrobe but with handknit hats... and lots of them!

These are the One Hour Hat from Tangle and are actually that, a less than one hour project each.

They worked up very quickly but make for a cute little accessory. I loved being able to make quite a few of these... I think they made a good impact as a group. Hopefully they'll help keep her warm when the snow piles up later (and they even got used this weekend in Bethesda where it was a bit on the nippy side ... flurries even saturday morning!).

Looking for a quick, easy hat pattern? This is it. Knit flat with bulky yarn and then seamed up. Easy, but cute. Who could ask for more? Easy enough that I was able to actually knit one up for myself the same night. =]

One hour hat from Tangle

Lion Brand Thick and Quick (cream and black)
Lion Brand Jiffy (blue, green, grey)
US 35s
started February 26, 2008
finished February 26, 2008

You'll be able to get more than one hat from each ball of yarn (two from the Jiffy, more than 2 from the Thick and Quick). The Thick and Quick works well as is; I knit with two strands of the Jiffy held together to get gauge. To do this rewound the ball so I could knit with both the both ends at once.

Definitely a winner for a quick, less than one skein project.


*** hunzer *** said...

Now is a good time to come to Minnesota. It's warming up, the snow is melting and spring is beautiful!

If this winter is any indication of next winter, I suggest she doubles up on those hats. ;)

Nice to see you Liz!

a friend to knit with said...

so cute!
and a project in one rewarding!!!

Queen of the froggers said...

Fab hats, I love really fast knits!

Carrie S. said...

I love the simplicity of this hat! Really, really beautiful - off to check out the pattern (because, even though I don't wear them, I'm a hat-making fool!)!