Monday, November 08, 2010

A one year absence anniversary

Wow... one year! How the time has flown. Today, the anniversary of my last post, I feel compelled to post and to try to start blogging again.

to ply orange bfl fiber

Lots has been going on over the past year (and nothing too). Work has been crazy busy and that's the primary reason this blog has sadly been abandoned. Over the past few months I've slowly starting carving out a little time for recreation though. Interestingly, this has come less in the form of knitting and more in the shape of spinning! Yep, that wheel I bought some years back has been getting some exercise and I'm really loving it.

My last post showed that I finished the cinnamon bay bag. To be honest, finishing the blanket killed my knitting mojo for quite some time. Too much stockinette in the same color, over, and over, and over (and over). =]

mendenhall washed merino fleece

Switching into spinning, and then get this, actually knitting with my own yarn -- that my friends is inspirational! In later posts, I'll catch you up and show you some of what I've done.

Yesterday though was one of those great fun days (and spinning and fiber related). The Torrance Fiber Festival happened and I went with a great group of women (the Southern California Fiber Fiends on ravelry. We got to see and touch all kinds of beautiful fiber and yarn, had a great lunch, and got to laugh and talk about all kinds of great topics. I'm so glad they let me join them in all the fun. I came home all energized and excited about life.

And those feelings my friends certainly beat out stressed and demoralized (which is what I often get at work)!

Looking forward to posted here again in the near future.

p.s. today's lovely pictures are purchases from the festival this weekend. To-Ply's handpainted BFL roving in oranges and Mendenhall merino washed fleece. Goodies for future fun!

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