Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Francis Revisited

francis rev 1

So now that I'm going to commit to blogging again, I think it makes sense for me to start with my most recent finished object, Francis Revisited.

francis rev 4

Once I started to find my knitting mojo again, I pulled this pattern out of my "to knit" pile and cast on with yarn from my stash (Cascade Pastaza). What a bonus ... finding a pattern that would work for yarn I already had and like.

So mid-September I cast on and off I went. Earlier this year I learned the magic loop technique for socks (fodder for another post) and used that to do the sleeves. Let me tell you, sleeves have never been so painless.

francis rev 2

I have to say, you can't beat a top-down sweater knit in chunky yarn. It doesn't take a lifetime to finish ... instant gratification (or at least 6 week gratification in this case) is what I like!

francis rev 3

I used Cascade Pastaza for the sweater. I had a seen a few other people use this on ravelry. It was a great choice. I got gauge and I really like the slight halo I got from the lama content. I'm definitely shedding a little bit, but nothing like my part angora sweater (which I honestly should just frog so it stops taking up closet space).

Looking for a quick, easy sweater to get yourself going? Want something that looks soft and smooshy? You may want to try out this sweater in a nice fuzzy yarn.

My rating: Gold star!

Francis Revisited by Beth Silverstein
US 10 and 7 circulars (sleeves done magic loop)
Cascade Pastaza (6 skeins)
(50% lama, 50% wool)
Colorway: (lavendar) 300 (lot 8189)
Cast on September 16, 2010
Finished November 6, 2010 (funny... that's exactly one year after the last project I posted here on my blog... spooky!)

Mods: I did full length sleeves with no increases/decreases. I just knit straight down from the picked up stitches and then ended with 12 rows of seed stitch. I also did 12 rows of seed at the bottom of the sweater.

Ravelry details here.


subliminalrabbit said...

oh my: i have this project in my queue, and i have EXACTLY six skeins of cascade pastaza in my stash. me thinks... match made in heaven?

(lovely knit-up! so glad to see you back blogging!)

Brad Fallon said...

Lovely sweater! Brilliant!