Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekends are great

Really... great. There is nothing like knowing you have an extra day off before you have to go to the office. This weekend, having that extra day was just fabulous!

So what did I do with that extra time you might ask. Well nothing specific... that's the point... free time!

There was a bit of knitting, as can be seen in my growing Lace Wrap. There was much playing with the chickens.

The girls are all roosting at night now ... they are just too cute when all four are lined up side by side.

And the rest of the time, movie watching (we saw both Terminator Salvation and Angels & Demons -- thumbs up for both), relaxation, baking (lots of gluten free yummies), and running. Yep... even though I haven't blogged about it in a while, S and I have been keeping up the running. This morning, I did a 5K. It is such a great feeling to know that I can run that distance now.

So it's amazingly the end of may, the academic semester has ended, the weather is great, and I don't want to work any more!! Of course, work will happen. But I am plotting some new knitting projects. Let's see what we'll get started next....

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Hilary said...

Your lace wrap is looking so pretty! I also love long weekends, but I always feel a day behind when I come back on Tuesday. Ugh, work just messes everything up!