Saturday, May 02, 2009

Chickens all the time, everywhere

Hey friends... sorry for the quiet but our little chickens (not to mention work!) have been keeping us quite busy around here! By our fifth day with the little girls, we knew they weren't going to stay contained in our aluminum tub long -- they had already started flying over the edge and taking a stroll around the room we were keeping them in.

Desperate chicken times take desperate measures... time to build a chicken house!

Last Saturday was a build-o-rama day. S made up some plans and the two of us went to work. A few 2x4s, some left over fencing, wire left over from other things, and a number of hours of work and we had a chicken house! It's pretty big, but just small enough to still fit into the back room.

Pretty much fills up the room though. Aren't those tiny little chicks cute in their giant house though.

Our little guys have been growing like crazy too. Here's a picture of them on their 8th day home with us.

Now we're at day 15. It's hard to believe how big they've gotten... they are definitely small chickens now. And small chickens, well they need to drink and eat alot.

Ready for videos?

First up... let's watch the cuties just hang out in their tub so you can see how large they are (they took a little break in there today while we cleaned up the chicken house).

And next... look at how inquisitive the little girls are. S was using the vacuum and they were more than curious. I love watching them stand up on their tip toes. Take a look at the feather growth on the girls too... especially over their breast... there'sbarely any baby fuzz left there or on their backs.

And last... snack time. Garden Genie and her friends think grubs are good pets. Girls close your eyes cause you're about to see what our chicks think of grubs... yum, yum! This is video we took today of Althea having a "snack."

Hours of entertainment my friends... what more could you want out of life!

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Hilary said...

Those are some lucky chickens with that fabulous house! They are oh-so-adorable.