Monday, February 09, 2009

My 333rd post & 48 years

And to celebrate such auspicious numbers... more natural heather colored yarn photos!

This weekend I finished up my final aran afghan square ( #6) and seamed them all together (yes I did my finishing!) and you know what? I love it. Now I may have to knit more squares. I have to think about it. I don't have a photo of the current "FO" but will take one when it stops raining (yes... it's one of the 6 days a year it rains in Southern California so I couldn't take a photo... I need to hang it up outside somewhere to get a good pic I think). So with the blanket "maybe finished" I spent the majority of the weekend swatching.

My knitting group has been talking about wanting to learn to cable and I've said I'd be willing. Now that we're going to have a new LYS, I *might* be teaching an actual cabling class. I'm happy to do it... I just want to confirm that the new owner isn't just joking and really wants me to do a class.

So if I'm going to do a class, I need a pattern to teach. Hence, swatching. Behold the beginnings of the "Gemma" cabled scarf.

You can see on the left the different permutations of the scarf that I'm putting together. I started with the center cable as the prominent feature surrounded by two smaller cables. After a few inches of that I realized that the center was too small (only a 9 stitch cable) and decided to switch up to a 13 stitch center cable. I liked that one much better. After a while though I realized I don't really like the row of knit along each side of the center cable. This is similiar to what's in the luxe cable sweater, which I love, but I just don't like it here. I think it's too busy for such a small space. So out with the knits and in with plain purls in the center. A little less filler in the fourth try and I think I have something that looks not too bad. The knitting on the right is that final pattern. It should stretch out a bit wider once I wash it, but all in all, not too shabby I think. I love the texture you know, and this one has lots of it.

So will it be too complicated for a beginners class? I hope not. It's really just a left leaning cable and a right leaning cable (different numbers of stitches, some left, some right).

Only the great OZ knows whether this will turn into a class or not, but at the least I'll get a fun new scarf out of it. I'll write it up later for others who are interested too.

And in honor of my mom, a true Irish girl, I'm going to call it the Gemma Cabled Scarf. It seems quite fitting that in a post about cables and aran knitting, I get to honor my mom and dad. My mom who was born and raised in Derry and only moved to the states after she was swept off her feet by a yank.

Happy 48th anniversary Mom and Dad!


subliminalrabbit said...

oh, beautiful cable pattern! can't wait to see a full scarf!

Trina said...

As someone who has only done a little cabling, I think this would be fine for a beginners project! As long as you also teach how to go back and fix it if you do one the wrong way :) The scarf will look gorgeous!

Hilary said...

That will be a great project for beginning cablers! Not only will they learn a lot, but they'll also get a gorgeous scarf out of the deal that they'll be dying to wear. What a neat tribute to your mom!