Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aran Afghan... done?

After my little frogging game I got totally inspired to work on more blocks for this afghan. And now look... a baby version, 6 squares big, 2' by 3' is done!

And you know what... I really like it!

Seeing it all seamed together rather than just as a stack of blocks is remarkable. I still was ambivalent looking at it all laying out on the table. But once it was seamed... I don't know, it just seemed to transform in front of my eyes!

So now that I like it, the question is "should I be done?". Should I be done? Should I keep knitting more? I could knit three more squares and have a 3' by 3' lap blanket or I could knit 6 more and have a 4' by 4' bigger lap blanket. This is a true dilemma. I need your help!

So far I've used the honeycomb pattern as the primary block. It's half of the current 6 squares. (If I made it bigger, I think I would stick with keeping honeycomb as half the blocks). I also have two squares of nothing but bobbles (trinity stitch to be more formal) and one square of moss stitch filled diamonds.

Who knew this would turn out so well. Again, I need to remember... I like texture. I can't believe I forget that... I can be such a dolt. So what do you think... knit some more or be happy with what I have?

Baby Aran Afghan
All About Aran afghan by Janet Szabo (as featured on Knitty Gritty)
Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Natural Heather
(20% wool, 80% acrylic)
US 7 circulars
Cast on about September 4, 2006 (but of course the squares I knit way back then all got frogged)
Cast on for squares now actually in afghan about September 2008
Finished (??) February 8, 2009

Modifications: none other than to use only 6 squares (so far) and to pick my own assortment of square patterns (others are in the pattern and I did not use them)

Ravelry details here.

Help me decide my friends?


Trina said...

No harm in carrying on! If you get sick of it after only making one or two more squares, you can make matching cushions out of them and still have a blanket :)

subliminalrabbit said...

make it big enough for YOU! it's gorgeous!

Ellen Bloom said...

I agree! It's gorgeous....make it an adult-sized afghan and keep it! All that texture is perfect for you and your house!

Hilary said...

I think it's lovely as is, but unless you have someone to give it to, I say knit up a few more squares and make it adult sized!

tiennie said...

That's beautiful! I say keep going!