Monday, September 28, 2009

Life as normal (or not)

I'm taking life around here just like the chicks do ... one step at a time.

Life doesn't feel very normal right now. I actually feel like someone pressed the time and a half button. I have twice as many things to do these days and not so much time in which to get it all done. This of course makes for a lot of undone "to do" lists.

I am still trying to carve out time for myself, and the chickens, and the cats, and the dog (and of course the spouse ... that's a given... =]).

The hens (and they are now officially hens) have all started to lay now. Beatrice continues to lay almost every day (I think she's only missed about three days in the 3 weeks she's been laying). Ada and Bettina are still just getting started but seem to be getting into the habit. But man on man, are they loud in the morning. I knew roosters were loud but I had no idea that hens could make such a ruckus. That egg song phenomenon ... that's just part of the story. There's also all the agitation that happens before they lay and the chatter that happens when one's in a nesting box that another wants to get into. Crazy chicken talk I say!

Last weekend (not yesterday mind you, but a week ago), S and I took off one afternoon to catch a little down time. We needed to sooth our souls with the Pacific.

It was a great time to go. The marine layer started coming in so it was cool and overcast, almost foggy on the beach. The lights came on at Santa Monica pier while we were there too which made for a nice view. Ahh the ocean ... she is calming.

The other really nice thing S did for me was we went on a yarn visit when we were in Santa Monica. For the first time, I visited Wildfiber and WOW is this place great! The picture on their web page does not do the place justice! The yarns... the colors... the softness. I could have purchased a million things.

Instead I settled on one smallish purchase... some Manos is this fabulous green color. I'm not sure exactly what I'll make, but it's going to be great to knit with. It will be nice to get back to some wool. All summer I've been working on an endless stockinette stitch blanket in a lavendar cotton. I'm sure it's going to be nice when it's done, but it's past finished already. Luckily, I've only got 12 rows left ... now granted every row has about 700 stitches, but hey it's only 12 rows! Gotta look for the little things these days you know. =]

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Linda said...

What a nice escape that beach looks. Life seems to get busier as we get plder don't you think? I don't know why! Love the chicken prints!