Monday, July 13, 2009

Hard work

Who said summer is a time for vacation? They lied. S and I have been doing too much hard work this summer. This weekend was definitely the most labor intensive weekend thus far this summer as we re-did our back patio.

When we first landscaped our yard, hmmm 3 years ago I guess, we jackhammered out an old ugly concrete patio and saved the concrete pieces to use like flagstones. We planted small ground cover between the stones. That looked great for a while ... but then the clover came. I don't know if you've ever had a clover invasion, but it takes over everything ... the ground cover didn't stand a chance. Once the plants and the clover were dead, we had dirt. Not very pretty. We've been talking about fixing this problem for some time and S decided this weekend it was time.

So first we removed all the concrete.

Then we added some sand and added all the concrete back.

Then we added more sand between the concrete.

Then we finished up with river stones between the concrete.

Thank god the final product looks decent, because it is hard work to carry, move, dump, spread, and otherwise manipulate concrete, sand, and stone. And did I mention that I got above 100 degrees F this weekend?

I'm ready to just sit around in the yard for awhile.


Anonymous said...

I think it came out beautifully!

Ellen Bloom said...

The patio looks great! Nice work.

amanda said...

Looks great! It's hard work, but knowing you did it yourself is a pay off :-)

Anonymous said...

It does look so good. I am using it as a learning devise for JJ. My walkway is way overdue a makeover. I did have to wonder about the cat. Is this another cat?

Linda said...

The hard work was worth it as it looks great.

Verona said...

looks very classy