Monday, March 16, 2009

Teaching is Fun!

So a week ago Thursday was my first knitting class. Jayne at the purlSide, my new favorite LYS, asked me to teach a class on cabling. That's what prompted me to create the Gemma Cabled Scarf (now a free ravelry download available to anyone) -- I needed a pattern to teach.

I was worried we wouldn't have any takers. I had 12 people show up for class! Good thing I was prepared with lots of patterns and with a big giant example to teach from (see that big sage green scarf on the end of the table... that's my low-tech power point demonstration for the class... grin).

I had a super fun time teaching them the basics and everyone did such a great job! I think one of the things that's always interesting, and good for a teacher, is to see what you can improve on... what the common mistakes are. I picked up a few ideas for next time.

Look at how studious they all are... such good students!

There were a few small boo-boos as would be expected when starting anything new, but by the end of class everyone seemed well on their way to a scarf (despite my scary look below, no one had any scary mistakes that couldn't be easily fixed).

This Thursday at regular knit night, a few people from class brought in their progress... look at this!!

Very exciting to see everyone have that "lightbulb" moment and realize they too can do something new. I love cables... and I think these guys do too now. I'm looking forward to seeing their final projects even more than I was to getting my own done!

And more fun... I get to teach the class again this week! A new group to bring to the cable side this Thursday evening at the purlSide!


tiennie said...

Very fun! Good for you for fostering the knitting bug!

Ellen Bloom said...

Teaching can be rewarding and fun. Looks like your students really appreciate you!

I used to teach crochet at an LYS. It was fun, but I got a bit burned out. You have to have LOTS of energy for a class like this! Congratulations!

subliminalrabbit said...

how exciting! congrats on your successful class!

Hilary said...

Fun! Looks like you've got a great group.