Monday, December 15, 2008

It must be a monday

  • It's raining giant bucketfulls of cats and dogs today (yes, I live in Southern California where it never rains.
  • I needed to go into the office early today to do a make-up exam (my oral exam for Spanish that I've already missed twice!)
  • Today was the day my car battery decided to give up the ghost so I couldn't get into work
  • Depite the fact that I'm wearing a turtleneck, a sweater, a jacket, a scarf (handmade alpaca of course), and boots, I can not get my feet warm.

But have no fear, all is not lost.
  • It only took AAA 20 minutes to come out and jump start my car
  • I only spent an hour at the repair shop getting the battery replace (and oh yeah... did I realize that one of my brake lights was also dead and did I want to have that fixed too?)
  • I still get to take my written final exam in Spanish in an hour
  • The rain has finally gone down to "light"
  • We have no mud to slide in my neighborhood and all that snow that I can see up on the mountains won't get down to us here in the valley
Some days you know it must be Monday.



scott said...

in south bend the "felt" temperature (wind chill) has not gotten over 5 degrees today--most of the morn was under zero...

here is the kitty project at UCB i was talking about:

Lin said...

We had a Monday like that last week! Your ribby cardi is looking good.