Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sad news in the LYS department

Yes, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my favorite LYS, Knitwitz in San Dimas, will be closing next month. I'm going to miss this place... locale for my regular Thursday night knit group. What will become of me? (OK... maybe that's a bit melodramatic, but it is quite a loss, a girl has to have a place to whine a bit). It's been great to have a store close by with friendly people, a place to hang out and knit on thursdays. Maybe this will be a good excuse to move to a venue with wine.

As part of the closing, the store of course is having a sale. While I hate to prosper at the cost of a closing, I did want to continue supporting the store, so I went out sweater-quantity shopping. Here is my ambivalent (yeah new yarn -- boo store closing) haul.

Pretty cascade pastaza ... great soft lavendar color.

Alpaca with a Twist, Baby Twist. There probably isn't quite enough here for the cabled short sleeve sweater in the new Debbie Bliss magazine, but maybe for something similar.

More ecological wool! I really liked this wool when I was making S's sweater so it seemed like a good choice for more knitting.

And last, but certainly not least, cascade 220 in a rich purple.

All lovingly selected, even with some remorse mixed in. I was laughing at myself a bit when I picked this pile out. Recently S made a comment about how all my sweaters are light green ... not the truth I claimed. Of course, in the store I kept being drawn to the green yarns. I purposefully didn't let myself overload with green and look what happened... purple everywhere. At least I can identify themes in my likes and dislikes!

So on other fronts, life around here has been crazy, accounting for my recent blog absence. I spent several days in Florida on a business trip and then came back and had to immediately report for jury duty. I spent two days on a panel seating a jury for a gang-related double homocide (with a juvenile defendant). It was a long process to seat the 12 jurors and 4 alternates. Out of the panel of 60-80 people, there were only 12 of us left (including me) who hadn't been questioned when they finally settled on a jury. It was a frightening insight into the judicial system, I have to say, although in the end I felt the process was OK. Now I am back to work, trying to dig out from the pile of work that accumulated during my absence. Studying to make up a spanish exam I missed during my excursions. Why is it that you have to work twice as hard before you leave and twice as hard when you come back from an absence? Somehow that means you've done twice as much work as you would have if you never left. Makes me want to stick around more.

Hope everyone else is having a good pre-Thanksgiving week!


jillian said...

Always sad to hear about a LYS closing! Beautiful yarns! Green and purple are my favorite colors too.

Beth said...

Nice haul, sorry your favorite store is closing though.

Christie said...

I noticed all the beautiful purple you have going on! It's sad, but I'm sure they appreciated you coming in for one last visit.

Lin said...

Thats such a shame about the yarn store. Lovely buys though, the Ecilogical wool looks nice.

whitknits said...

Aww, that's too bad about your yarn store, but that's a great haul!

Hilary said...

That is really too bad about your LYS closing, but -- whoa -- nice haul!

I feel the exact same way about travel. It's *almost* not worth it anymore since any relaxation I gain by being on vacation is completely canceled out by pre- and post- travel stress!

tiennie said...

Lovely purchases. It is a bummer when a much loved LYS has to close. :(