Saturday, May 03, 2008

Giggle, snort

Wanna guess what we did last night?

S's been talking about camping for weeks now and we had hoped to go to Joshua Tree last night for just a one night trip. One of the (many) bad things that happened Monday was that the window of my driver's side car door fell out. Yepp... I'm driving down the road and the window just fell down into the door.

Now you might expect that this would be quite startling, but, uh, well it's happened once before. Jettas apparently were made with dysfunctional window clips. Plastic mind you. Over time they rot away and then the window just falls in. We're lucky the window didn't break.

Anyway this was a long way of getting to the point that we decided we couldn't camp last night because S is going to fix the window this morning (actually is fixing it, as I type). I think he was very disappointed though because earlier in the week he had gone to REI to look at tents.

Yesterday was the start of their giant anniversary sale and apparently he "accidently" found himself there again and brought home a new tent. We decided we'd camp in the back yard last night.

This was our first night camping together and Sterling's first night camping ever. We figured we need to give him some practice to make sure he doesn't bark all night long.

That's about as comfortable as he looked all night [laugh] ... he was mr. sentry all night. It's a great tent, Great Agnes actually, and we had fun. Around 4:30 the birds started singing and I was wakey-wakey. Sterling was shivering a bit so he and I went into the house to get warm and finish up the evening's sleep. He's crashed now. S says he was awake most of the night growling at nothing. Poor babe. Maybe we'll camp again tonight... practice makes perfect!


Queen of the froggers said...

Campings fun! Especiallt=y in your own garden then you can go in when it gets cold!! We usually go every year, children love it but I never sleep well.

Beth said...

My husband and I love camping, we try to go to a different place every year. Since we're taking a cruise in June, no camping until September, we're going to the Delta, we love it there. We have been to Joshua Tree, such a cool place and not very far to go. We made the mistake of going to January, man that ground gets cold! Have fun!

Carrie said...

It's taken a lot of willpower for me NOT to buy any camping gear at the REI sale--I've only been camping once in the last 20 years, but it's sooooooo tempting!!!