Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seaming serentity... coming soon (we hope)

Time... she is quite elusive! Since last time we talked, two more conferences have transpired. S left for Portland on Wednesday for his sociology conference (and arrived home this afternoon).

After dropping him off at the airport at the obscene hour of 4:45am on Wednesday, I traveled to the second conference, mine in Irvine -- of the psychological variety.

While S stayed in Portland for the entire length of his conference, I just made the trip down to Irvine a few times. Irvine is S's daily commute so driving there for a few days seemed quite reasonable for me.

My conference was fine. Nothing terribly outstanding, but my talk on Thursday seemed to go well. The best thing, after conferencing on Wednesday and Thursday, I decided to stay home on Friday and Saturday and do a bit of knitting.

My celtic tote called to me from my WIP pile and I'm pleased to say that as of Sat evening, all the pieces are now knitted and embroidered.

The bottom of this bag is fairly interesting (picture above). You start knitting the narrow top of one side, knit down the the bottom, double your stitches and then knit in the round for the entire bottom. This creates a sleeve into which you place a plastic sheet to provide a rigid bottom for the bag. Once you get the bottom to the length you want, you close the sleeve up (essentially by knitting two together, using one stitch from the top and one from the bottom of the sleeve) and then you finish up the other side.

Now all that's left is the seaming. Ah yes... the seaming. Can you guess why I'm blogging right now and not working on the tote? Yep... seam avoidance {grin}.

I finished up my conference this morning with a great little statistical workshop and thought I'd jump right into the project this afternoon. No so much. I'm going to meditate on my budda hand and hope that some seaming serenity descends soon.

Hope everyone else had a pleasant and productive weekend!


babblingbrook said...

That tote looks great! I've been in love with that bag ever since I saw it. I've started it a couple of times...but it never seems to work out for me! now that I've seen yours, it makes me want to get going again!

Queen of the froggers said...

The bag is lovely!

tiennie said...

This is beautiful!